We specialize in creating innovative and surprising food products for businesses in retail, wholesale and promotional products and we excel in the following markets:

* Confectionery

- jellies, liquorice, hard boiled candy, chewy candy, pressed candy.

* Savoury Snacks

- crisps, crackers, coated peanuts, nuts, dried fruits, wafers.

* Chocolate

- bars, tablets, hollow figures, bonbons, filled chocolate.

* Cookies and baking products

- biscuits, filled cookies, chocolate cookies, cake-mixes, pancake-mixes, flours, bakery ingredients.

* Functional foods

- low carb, low fat, sugar free, gluten free, bio, superfoods.

* Spices & Herbs

- dried, fresh, wet.

* Non-Food related products 

 - kitchen aids, table cloths, baking aids, cooking products, glassware.



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