We are in the proces of developing our own Low-Carb Brand. Our dream is to indulge the craving for the snacks we all love, without letting sugar and bad carbs get in the way. Wattles is not meant to be a dietary product. We are developing this for the mainstreem conscious consumer to help them make better choices when it comes to snacking.

Once you have tasted Wattles, you never want anything else. Because apart from being better for you, we have made sure that all Wattles' products taste amazing!

Have a look what we have developed so far:

-Low Carb, Oven baked Chips in 4 different flavours

-Low Carb Chocolate bars in 16 different flavours

-Low Carb Peppermint rolls

-Low carb savoury coared peanuts in 4 different flavours


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